Its 68° all year around at Menhir. Enjoy heavy and rapier combat indoors in the middle of January.

Heavy Fighting

Pool Tournament
Combatants will be split up into pools. Each fighter will fight all the other fighters in their pool. Top records in each pool will advance. We will continue each round until we reach a final 8. The final 8 will be single elimination, best 2 of 3 in each round.

Bear Pit Tournament
Get knocked out of the Pool Tournament early, keep fighting in our bear pit. Starting after the second round of the Pool Tournament, we will start a Bear Pit. Combatant with the most wins at the end of the day wins.

Rapier Fighting

Two tournaments:
Short Sword(no blades longer than 35″) and buckler or perhaps single sword.
Buckler and Dagger

Melee in the afternoon.

Questions about rapier fighting, please contact Ignatius Xavier Cortez Galeño de Santiago de Compostela

Questions about Combat? Contact the Knight Marshal:
Sir Gnaeus Aquillius Longinus(MKA Jason Greathouse)

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